Sunday, February 28, 2010

My Rant for the Day

I am so profoundly sad. The one really awesome piece of diabetes technology that I've come upon during the last 1.5 years was the Pelikan Sun lancing device. It might not sound like much to most, but I poke my daughter's finger with a needle to draw blood 10+ times a day. This (expensive) electronic device allowed her little fingers to heal after just a few weeks, and was literally painless. After the first few times using the Pelikan Sun, she stopped flinching every time I came near her. For me, it was a miracle.

I just went online to order more lancet disks and discovered that the company has closed it's doors, and the disks are no longer available. I can't stop crying, thinking about telling Maya that we have to go back to the regular lancets.

I kind of knew all along that this was too good to be true. It was a very expensive lancing system and literally NO insurance company covered it, as the alternatives are so much cheaper. But it's not fair. I know earthquakes aren't fair, cancer isn't fair, and it's not fair that children are starving all over the world. In the scheme of things THIS unfair is so trivial that I can't believe I'm still so upset about it. But I am. And I blame the ridiculous, tragic American medical system and insurance companies for making it impossible for such a wonderful piece of technology to be financially viable. (Thanks friends, for letting me vent - I know you had no choice in the matter LOL - I feel better now.)